What is Bubble-Tea ?

Bubble-Tea comes from the meeting of two Asian traditions. The first represents the Chinese love of "QQ Drinks", "QQ" representing onomatopoeia for "chew chew" : these are desserts mixing fruits / jelly and drink. The second tradition goes back a thousand years, and it is about tea.

Since its appearance in China during the Tang Dynasty, tea has always been made with water and consumed hot and pure. Europeans were the first to add milk and sugar to it in the 17th century. Then the Americans invented drinking it iced (20th century). But the constant has remained the same in Asia over the centuries : warm and pure. In Japan the tea ceremony has even become a religious ritual.

But an Asian broke this thousand-year-old tradition by experimenting in his tea room. Liu became obsessed with the idea of a tea mixed with milk : he was the first to spread iced milk tea in Taiwan in the early 1980s.

Of course, the experiment didn't end there, and to add texture to his drink, Liu added fresh fruits, syrups, Yam powders... and, in 1988, tapioca pearls. Liu introduced his new mixture to some friends, and as they liked it, decided to include the new product on his menu. Word of mouth did the rest in Taichung (a city in northern Taiwan).

In the early 1990s, Bubble-Tea spread to Japan and Hong Kong. From there, international traders exported the product into the Chinatowns of North America. Success was born.

Towards the end of the 90s, in cities where the product was doing well, resellers appeared in non-Asian shopping areas and in busy popular neighbourhoods.

Bubble-tea is a popular drink around the world today.

It is drunk in China, Japan, Canada, USA, England, Germany, Poland, Amsterdam… But also throughout France in Paris, Rouen, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Montpellier, Tours, Aix-en -Provence, Clermont-Ferrand and now at the 16th rue des Clercs in Grenoble !

Bubble-Tea is an amazing Taiwanese origin drink

With the best ingredients, your Tea and Bubbles makes you travel throughout the year among the exotic flavours of your holidays.
The mixture of milk tea with small tapioca pearls creates an irresistibly pleasant and lovely taste.
We prepare this drink like a cocktail, by vigorously mixing all the ingredients, which gives the drink a very smooth texture.
With a special straw we suck a sip of pearl tea, with or without milk, flavoured with syrups, powders, fruit or spreads. DELIGHTFUL SENSATION !
In your mouth, the "al dente" pearls flirt with you !

A tea like no other, an energising and generous drink, you have just enjoyed a Bubble-Tea.
An appealing drink that follows you everywhere and at anytime of the day.
A modern way to taste tea. To take away, the Bubble-Tea adapts :

  • To your professional life
  • When you are on your romantic walks
  • To meeting up with friends
  • To your shopping time
  • At your sporting and leisure moments
  • At your relaxation time
  • During your studies
  • And at the end of your meals

It shares all your emotions.
Take it away in cups (or specially adapted mugs and save the planet !)
Recharge your batteries !