A mug specially suitable for the Bubble-Tea tapioca pearls thanks to a large integrated straw.


Also adaptable to all other drinks : smoothie, milkshake, coffee, hot chocolate, tea...


An innovative, isothermal, practical, ecological mug...


It can be transported in your bag and doesn’t spill. It can be filled with hot or cold drinks.


It is usable again and again. It doesn’t clutter up our trash cans !


A 65cl mug. Pre-order today for March delivery.

This 65cl insulated mug, practical, ecological and customisable, does not exist anywhere else !
No other supplier offers this "Bubble-Tea Mug". The insulated Bubble-Tea mug, transparent, reusable, equipped with a large integrated straw will allow you to enjoy your favourite hot or cold drink (Bubble-Tea, milkshake, smoothie, coffee, tea, fruit juice, etc...) on the road and refillable throughout the day. All of this while reducing your plastic or cardboard waste.

Bubble-Tea usually comes either in a plastic cup for a cold drink, or in a paper cup for hot drinks. The glasses or the cups are sealed with a plastic film thanks to the "sealing-machine". The plastic cups are transparent so you can see the tapioca pearls while the cardboard cups remain opaque.

Regardless, plastic cups or paper cups pile up in and around our trash cans, easily contributing to the deterioration of our environment.

In summary : on one hand we have a surprising, tasty, healthy drink being recognised Worldwide. And on the other, we have a “miracle” mug that is unique and that could be interesting not only to bubble-tea lovers, but also to drinkers of milkshakes, smoothies, coffee and / or tea, as well, as long as professional restaurateurs or fast-food restaurants, or companies wishing to associate their image with an innovative product and promoting consumer education and the preservation of our environment.

Hence the idea of offering quality transport mugs, specially adapted to tapioca pearls...

Drinking from a Bubble-Tea Mug could therefore become a citizen gesture ! Support an innovative, ecological and citizen project !

The Bubble-Tea Mug was awarded in 2016

TEA AND BUBBLES awarded with an A.I.F.F. at the Lépine Competition at the 2016 Paris Fair!


Removable and interchangeable straw


A transparent, isothermal, food-grade plastic mug.


Screw-on lid, to close or open the mug.

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